About New Light

New Light is a non-profit charitable trust that benefits those at risk in the red-light districts of Kolkata, India.  Since its inception in 2000, New Light has offered comprehensive community development services that have changed the lives of hundreds of women and children of all ages.

New Light works to provide residential and health care, recreational facilities, and income opportunities to women and children who would otherwise be entrapped in the sex worker industry. Women can receive aid at two residential facilities — the Soma Memorial Girls’ Home and New Light Sonar Tori. Soma takes in young and adolescent girls and provides them with therapeutic activities, including counseling, dance, music, yoga and boxing. Many of these girls then move on to Sonar Tori to seek a higher professional education. Male children may attend Khelaghar, a facility specifically designed for their sanctuary and education. Children of disadvantaged backgrounds outside of the sex-worker industry may also find stability within New Light. One example is the New Light Shelter in the Dalit community, which provides a safe haven and education for children of workers in the “Untouchable” caste — those with vocations in the lowest social class. New Light also operates a clinic to properly address the medical needs of the sex worker community. Aside from general health, gynecological, pediatric, STD, and HIV/AIDS cases, clinics also provide social counseling and health counseling. These services are invaluable to women in this area, as they have no access to proper health care. New Light’s facilities and clinics have made a tangible impact in the lives of the three million women and children working in India’s sex industry, and with your help, we can do even more.